Friday, September 25, 2009

H&M: Fall Must-Haves

So I adore H&M. Each Christmas when I visit my family in Michigan I stop by the H&M there and I stock up on goodies so imagine how elated I was when I found out that they're opening one 38 min from my house (yes, I mapquested it, what do you take me for?). And here are some of the pieces I MUST have. MUST. I'm serious.

coat/jacket $69.95

green skirt, $29.95. golden patterned skirt, $34.95

What happens usually during the year if I find something I am just CRAZY about and can't buy it because I live in the middle of nowhere is that my cousin buys it for me and sends it my way. Hopefully it fits but now I wont have to go through all that trouble!! I'm so excited!

I did spy something disturbing while surfing the site that just made me want to shudder.

yes. They're leg warmers. You know, where I come from when your legs are cold you put on pants. I mean, apparently you can get creative with it but under no circumstances are you to wear koala bears on your legs. Animals belong in trees and trees are in no way to be confused by 'stems' or 'legs'. The sad thing is that for 17.95 a lot of little fools will purchase these and make me cringe on Friday nights at the movies. Just you wait.

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  1. WTF? They look like cats wrapped about a girl's legs.