Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Case of the Stolen Soledentity

Yes, I know it happens everyday. A designer creates something lovely and it gets doubled everywhere for a cheaper price. It's the nature of the business of retail. Happens with everything from cars to cellphones to shoes. I will admit to waiting around for something cheaper to come on by. I'm not going to deny it.

But the one I found today was so crazy and so upsetting because I bought these shoes when I first saw them at regular price months and months ago. And now, not only are they on sale but they have a twin. Literally a twin.

This is the Madden Girl I bought some time ago when I felt my wardrobe was incomplete without a gray ruffled shoe. Today I'm browsing the net and find this on

Yes. They're different shoes, there's slight differences but they're so freaking similar that it's crazy! And this pair is 1/4 what I originally paid. Granted, the fine people at Steve Madden most likely got the idea from this Louboutin pair

So this got me thinking. In an age where styles and trends come and go faster than people over the rainbow; what is your view on shoe-doubling or trend doubling for that matter.


  1. tough one for me since i'm a shoe buyer, and really, really picky when it comes to quality. but i went with the second choice. i believe in a good splurge every now and then, if that is what you are in to, but if you can find a $100 version of a $1000 shoe then more power to you. i personally draw the line at cheap shoes. some people can make them work, but i am not one of them ;)

  2. Very well stated. I do have a line I draw for shoes that are super cheap like the Target one; tells me half the things on the shoe is glued on and might fall off as I walk.

  3. Great post and something a lot of us think about. The industry is doing everything in its power to condition us against copycats, but the truth, as you said, is that $1000 is a bit out of reach for most of us.