Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Current Favorites: December

A bit late, I'm sorry but here it is. The December favorites!

Bonnie Wright: wearing what I would usually not like, all these colors and patterns but I actually loved the look! I most especially love how a redhead doesn't shy away from wearing a coral-toned jacket & it look fab!

One of my faves, Emily Blunt, who pulled this relatively simple yet super classy look out. I just love the tights, the scandalously-short dress and the pink lips to throw in the color!

Can Amanda Seyfried's hair ever look bad? I think it's impossible! What I really love about this look is the blouse, high necked and yet sexy!

Perfect makeup and perfect YSL shoes on Leighton Meester, I dont think she knows how good she looks in black, makes her fair skin really glow.

Amy Adams look so elegant with this beautiful gray coat lined with red and then the red wink on the soles of her Louboutins made me fall in love with the outfit. It's something I would totally attempt to pull.

Not a usual December look for sure but Hayden Panettiere made me fall in love with how simple, chic and sophisticated she managed to look in the beach. Something that never happens happened. It made me want Summer.

I dont think Nicole Kidman knows how happy she made me by wearing a 'pouffy' dress. I LOVE 'pouffy' dresses! She looks elegantly classy, with timeless shoes and the perfectly put together hair.

Because Penelope Cruz had to go out and prove to us how gorgeous she really is she puts on this stunning red Grecian gown. Liquid silk. So beautiful! But my favorite part? The 40's do. It's perfection!

The ladies of 'Nine' really made it hard for me to choose a favorite look but I couldn't ignore Kate Hudson who made me fall in love with this retro-inspired dress. I mean, how intricate and beautiful is it? And then the soft curls in the hair? Perfection! I love that she carries it with such sass.

The last spot goes to the Affleck-Garner family because seriously... how much more beautiful can they get? I honestly dont think it's possible. I have been wrong in the past.

Which one is your favorite December look?


  1. Kate totally rocked that event, what a dress!

  2. hayden! i wish i was on the beach :-/