Friday, January 15, 2010

Trend Love: The Red Purse

At times I sit and wonder: 'what else could my wardrobe possibly need?' Now... I realize this is a fairy narcissitic comment yet I think we're all guilty of staring at our closet and stating 'I have nothing to wear'. Can not the same be applied to the 'I have no purse for this outfit.' mentality? I agree, it can! So I bring you today the purse that you absolutely, under all conditions, even if you have to eat canned soup for five weeks MUST HAVE. A red chain purse.

Now, I'm not as delusional to believe that we can all drop a few thousand dollars on a Chanel; so therefore I bring you the red purse post. Purses you can purchase, without breaking the bank, and still feel like a Waldorf on 82nd and 5th.

The Red Bag

Wondering how to do the outfit up? Technically this purse goes with anything. It's perfect for this season when one tends to wear dark tones and one needs a pop of color to bring the look together. I got mine at TopShop, will post pics when it arrives and I plan to wear it with anything from skinny jeans and a white tank to the LBD as Queen B did hers. Looking for a look-alike of the outfit above? Worry not, I know we can't all drop $530 on a Marc Jacobs dress. Simple; grab you LBD, add a snazzy gold belt, wear your black patent shoes, black stockings, dark maroon polish and some minimalist jewelry. The two things you may not have is the purse & a girly-navy coat. Blow-dry your hair and then section into rollers while you do your make-up and VOILA! Soft bouncy curls. Who said it was hard to be a Waldorf?


  1. ey!!
    u have so many amazing photos
    comment back

  2. so wonderful, I love all those bags, I wish I could get a Chanel bag, I'm in love!

    lovelove, M.

  3. all those beautiful bags!! I want them all!
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  4. I wish I could get the chanel one too, it's a tragedy that I can't =/