Monday, April 5, 2010

Makeup: March Favorites

Now that March is finally behind us and April happily smiles at us I'd like to take a moment to post my 'March Favorites' in terms of makeup. These are the products I have either discovered, recently bought and am in love with once more. Or it could be something I had and re-discovered and now am in love with. Please keep in mind that this is makeup and it works differently on everyone depending on their skin tone, skin pigmentation, body chemistry etc.

1. Smashbox Lip Gloss in Trendspotter (off ebay for $9)
I've always enjoyed Smashbox's glosses but I really really love this color. It's the perfect nude-y pink shade for Spring.

2. ELF's Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder ($3)
I continue to be amazed at ELF's products. This one is my current fave of them, their set carries the perfect light blush shade and the perfect contouring shade. It's great for my traveling because it's two in one. Very pigmented and lasts me all day.

3. Benefit's High Beam ($24)
I've never honestly used this product though it's been quite a cult favorite for a while now. I got this Benefit kit thing and this came in it. I never purchased it because I couldn't justify spending $24 on a highlighter. Yet... now that I've been using my sample sized one for two weeks now I realize why people love it so much. Dabbed and blended under the eye instantly wakes you up. This is one I am buying a full size of it soon.

4. MAC's Eyeshadow in 'Woodwinked' ($11)
I had a period of three months when I went crazy and bought like too many MAC eyeshadows. Then I forgot about them for pigments and such. Now I've re-discovered them and realized why I bought 'Woodwinked' to begin with. It's absolutely brilliant. That's why!

5. Heavenly Natural Beauty's mineral shadow in 'Bambi' ($1.75 for sample jar, $5 for full jar)
I bought a whole bunch of things from HNB some weeks ago, tons of samples because I didn't know what I wanted. Yeah... this color is perfection. It blends so well, not a lot of fall out on me. It's just my perfect skin tone with a lovely lustre glimmer to it. It's perfect for daily wear.

6. Spring nails. (from L-R) Chi's In Between the Sheets, Sally Hansen's Lively Lilac, Maybelline's Pie in the Sky & Rimmel's Steel Gray.
It's not deep-buried secret that I love my polishes. These four just happen to be my 4 favorites this month. They just scream Spring.
7. Loreal's Studio Secrets Primer ($11)
Yeah... I'm a bit addicted to this thing. I wish it came in a more friendly jar. I wish it was in a tube. But this baby kicks my Smashbox Primer's butt. That's saying A LOT for me. I'm a Smashbox Primer loyalist since it first came out. Now... I'm finding myself ignoring it in favor of this one. As you can see, I need a new jar.

8. Lipsticks - MAC's Marquise D' & NYX's Tea Rose.
I had the MAC one forever ago but it fell behind my bed and bf recently found it when I was making him my furniture around. Now I'm like "NEW LIPSTICK!" and I've been wearing it nearly every day. The NYX one is just gorgeous, it comes with me in my purse wherever life may lead me.

9. ELF's Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($1)
Yeah. $1. One fucking dollar! Sorry. It's just too much for me, after years oppressed into accepting inflated makeup prices I come across this baby for $1!!!! Not that big, this is why I compared it to a US quarter, but this little thin pad thing takes off ALL of my makeup. It comes with I think 18 pads and I use one on each eye. Plus it's so tiny and perfect, fits in my luggage without making TSA think I'm some sort of a terrorist. Win, win!

10. Viktor & Rolf's FLOWERBOMB perfume (prices vary)
Alex, my bff, who is allergic to life gets tons of makeup from her cousin that works in the Nars counter at Neiman Marcus. She also gets perfumes. I'm lucky enough that Alex has an allergy list to rival a Connecticut resident and I get all the 'left overs'. Including all the perfumes. I love minis because I travel so much, they're perfect for traveling so I took this with me in my recent trip and I must say this perfume must love my body chemistry. Because I was innocently browsing a home design magazine when this man slides up to me and tells me 'you smell great' and then walks away. I know, I know - a bit creepy - but I didn't see him again. Apparently he just needed to tell me this so I will take it as a good thing rather than freak out. Hence I'm dubbing FLOWERBOMB the perfume that attracts strange men in airports.

And that's it, folks!


  1. Hmm, I will have to try the Loreal primer. I've tried Smashbox primer but not been too happy with it. I love all the colors of nail polish you posted!

  2. Oh my gosh, i am SO trying that perfume :)

  3. I love both MAC products you featured, Woodwinked is such a stunning colour! I wish MAC did more colours like that...I mean in that finish, of course.
    I've tried Flowerbomb and found it a bit too sweet...I really wanted to love it :(

  4. It is a bit sweet, I'm usually into muskier scents which are darker and more seductive.

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