Monday, October 12, 2009

All About You

I found this awesome editorial in last month's ELLE and I had been meaning to post it yet this weekend has been undoubtedly busy. (I may even confess to leaving the house looking not so very fashionable as I trekked my way to work to put in some Sunday hours) Nevertheless, I start the week fresh and happy to identify my real fashion palette. So ELLE devised some 'categories' of who exactly we are when dressing. Quite honestly, I'm a bit of a mix and I dare to say so are most people. We dont always fit in one particular pattern.

The Classicist

The Thrill-Seeker

The True Lady

The Minimalist

The Bohemian

The New Prep

The Wild Child

& The Romantic

I must say I'm a combination of many. So I made a poll to find out which top 3 you consider yourself. I'm a bit of a Romantic, New Prep & True Lady (with a bit of a Classicist thrown in)


  1. I think I love all of these looks except for Bohemian, Minimalist and the Wild Child with moderation.

  2. Voted for "The Thrill Seeker" but as big a fan of Wild Child & Romantic as well! =)


  3. I think us girls all have a bit of the romantic in us. I blame Jane Austen & period films. It's damaged us for sure.