Friday, October 9, 2009

today's outfit: the navy blazer

I'm so excited about my outfit today I have to post about it before I leave for work. I found this awesome navy blazer in a thrift shop this weekend (a GREAT place for blazers if you want to update your fall wardrobe) for about $3.50. You can't beat that so after a trip to the cleaners I can finally wear it with my skinny jeans, a plain white tee I got from Target for about $8 a pack and snazzed it up with great pumps, a purse and some jewelry. I think this is my favorite outfit this week <3 I also did my hair in a high ponytail to give it a playful twist. (the sorority girl in me was screaming to tie a little red bow on my hair but I held myself back you all would be proud)

Blazer, Topshop $120, Jeans, Hudson $119, T-Shit, Fruit of the Loom $8.50 (for a 5 pack!), Handbag, Banana Republic $230, Shoes, Jessica Simpson $69, Necklace, Nordstrom $27, Ring, Max & Chloe $38, Nail Polish, Zoya 'America' $7

Since I'm meeting the girls after work for Sushi, Sake & a movie this just makes the 8 hours at work breeze by before playtime really begins! Happy Friday, everyone!!

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