Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Her Shoes

I was speechless when I saw this picture.

Absolutely stunned. GRAY SHOES!! Why didn't I think of this?? Let me rewind. A few weeks ago while the sun was scorching 101 degrees, I went with a friend to Ross (dont worry, I'm OK now) to shop for luggage. While she went about getting new luggage I spotted some Betsey Johnson and Donna Karan stockings. No one was even glancing at them. So I went a bit overboard and bought like $30 worth of ridiculously reduced stockings. One pair was JUST LIKE THIS. Wine colored with patterns and just complicated. When I tried them on at home I just felt like they were too costume-ey. You know? They felt like something I would wear for Halloween. And I tried my wine shoes, black shoes, taupe shoes, brown shoes and nothing was meshing. And now we have this picture. VOILA! Gray shoes! I can wear it with (wait for it) my gray dress! Nothing short of genius. I'm so happy with myself!

On other happy news; I have found my Holiday shoe. Yes. One must have a new Holiday shoe each Holiday season. I have to do a lot of corporate parties and I try to match my looks around a set of party like heels. I have found this year's looker. Inspired by all the nude-shoes that graced the red carpet this year I think I have found them.

Aren't they divine? It's that color that goes with everything, from little black dresses to a cream pant suit to jeans or a pencil skirt. I usually get my Holiday shoe around November so I can start breaking them in because in no way is my Holiday shoe going to be the reason for a bad time in a place where champagne is free.


  1. i dont like her style on that set.

  2. Serena's style or Blake's? I overall think they dress her too 'slutty' shall I say?

  3. And the shoes u have found are just perfect! I fall in love with them! Don't forget a pic wearing such fabulous babes))

  4. The moment I get them I am will I will go all paparazzi on my feet :)

  5. the stocking is sooo unique! i'd love them in... purple, lol. and yes i totally agree your holiday shoes are totally divine! love them! i really like the rose-thingy and the color! lucky you! ;D