Thursday, November 12, 2009

ribbons down my back

"I'll be wearing ribbons down my back this summer
Blue & Green and streaming in the yellow sky
So if someone special comes my way this summer
He might notice me passing by
And so I'll try to make it easier to find me."

Ribbons. Such a girly, happy thing. Reminds me of childhood when I could get sashes to wear with my white dresses. Reminds me of my mother tying a pink ribbon on my hair or replacing the nasty cords on skates with lovely ribbons that would most likely be pink. You can't get more girly than ribbons. So of course, me who loves all things girly, LOVES the bows and satin ribbons on shoes now days. I'm eying a pair at DSW but I'm waiting for them to go on sale before pouncing. But once they do - they're MINE! :)

I found loads of ribbons online, it's like the gods of fashion love me once more.

Jane Aldrige for Urban Outfiters, $98

Faith Shoes, $104

Faith Shoes, $67

Miss Selfridge, $59

Aldo, $85

Poetic Licence, $105

Ros Hommerson, $116

ASOS, $50

Betsey Johnson, $280

Bourne, $193

Betsey Johnson, $150

Two Lips Gypsy, $70

I have an old pair I bought years ago and I've used them SO much, they're so ready to retire but they have ribbons! And I can't let them go.


  1. my favs are: jane aldridge for urban outfitters (i looove the soft pink), the plaid betsey johnson (for a more casual, sporty look), and the two lips gypsy (soooo lady-like, like back in the 1800s).
    You've successfully spread your love for ribbon. :D

  2. Ribbons are just something so girly, you know? Even if you're wearing jeans you grab some ribboned shoes and you're instantly more elegant.

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