Friday, November 20, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Buying!

It happened again. I went with Alex to get her a new top for tomorrow's festivities and somehow we end up in the shoe section of Dillards. Now, this is a very dangerous section for me for I am tempted to get EVERYTHING. So of course everyone is having the pre-Thanksgiving sales so what do I find? I pair of boots. They fit like a glove, they feel like a dream and they are now mine. Did I need them? HELL NO. Did I want them? Fuck yes.

Plus... they were 50% off. Thank you god for the pair of boots you made me find. That will be my thanks this year. :P


  1. Thank you, girls! They will party with me tonight for my friend's bday party :)

  2. they're really cute; i can't believe they were 50% off, great buy!

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  3. Lol this usually happens to me as well :) Really nice pair, great buy indeed!