Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nail Polish Gallore

Polish swatches, old and new. I though I'd post them in case you're contemplating what to get next.

OPI's Bastille My Heart

OPI's Sapphire in the Snow (daylight pic shows the purple color much better than the one I posted before)

 OPI's Russian Navy, a good classic

OPI's Russian Navy in Matte

Ulta's Twilight

CHI's Love that Milky Way

CHI's Brown Sands on Maui Beaches

OPI's Koala Bear-y (lol, I was at the beach, perfect btw for resort wear)

I have on (red) OPI's Red Hot Ayers Rock and Andy has on OPI's Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.

Speaks for itself, sorry I dont have a larger picture!


  1. love the darker colors, they're so pretty.

    Clothes Are Cute

  2. I know, I'm feeling the darker ones now too :)

  3. loving them all especially the twilight x

  4. I especially love the russian navy (been looking for that color, thanks!). i have a question. if you're already wearing bold colors on your fingers, what about your toes? same color? different (matching) colors? pls help! >,<

  5. Ok, this is what happens with the toes. I get them done once a month so that color has to be universal for that month. So the toes are usually either red or a deep pink MAYBE a soothng violet. My hands I do once a week so I can be bolder and more adventurous with them. I never match my hands and feet unless I'm going to be on vacation at a resort or something or I'll be coming out in a wedding.

  6. i am soooo bored with my polish, but every polish i am drawn to looks like something i already own. how do you feel abt the opi matte polish? maybe i will try that. i def don't have anything like it.

    micchan-san, when my toes are out, i always make sure they match my fingers, but i don't think it really matters.

  7. What I did is that I bought the Essie Matte about You and adding a coat of this any of your polishes turns them Matte and adds a new look to them. I though it was pointless to buy the Matte ones themselves.

  8. I've heard about matte finish nail polish, but I've never seen it one until your pictures. I love it! It's so different and interesting.

    Great post. Great colors.


  9. It's definetly different if you're looking for something to get you out of your polish slump :)

  10. My fave is definitely Russian Navy. I don't know why but I don't like my hands and feet to match. If my nails are dark, I usually have red on my feet. I just started matching the mani and pedi b/c the beau said he likes prefers it that way, ha ha.