Sunday, December 20, 2009

Polish Review: Butter London

I have been meaning to buy some Butter London polishes, the colors all looked so lovely and you all know I'm a polish fiend. So when Haute Look had them on sale I quickly snatched 2 colors that I figured I might wear.

Mariner (the blackish blue) and Teddy Boy (the mauve)

They usually retail for $17 so I have SUPER happy I was able to score them for $7. I tried them on last night and I have to say I enjoyed the consistensy, you only really need 2 coats and both are creams.

The only problem I have with the brand and I dont know why I didn't see it before, but it's the cap. I hate this square cap. Makes for an odd application and for an even worse screwing-on. For one of the little bottles I spent a good 2 minutes trying to put the damn cap back on. I dont have time for it and I can't be playing around when my nails are wet and run the risk of messing up the polish.

I wish they were like the Dior Vernis bottles that the square comes off and you're left with a round applicator to make it easier to paiting one's nails.

Anyways, I figured I'd post the swatches in case anyone likes the colors. I think I will wear the Teddy Boy more since it's perfect for weekly office wear. I believe the Mariner will go as a present to my cousin. Being in college has the perk of wearing whatever the hell you like on your nails. Jealous.


  1. I like both of the colors! Sad that you can't keep both. I say pretend you're still in college and wear Mariner anyway. :)

  2. I have another color that is very similar so I added it to her stocking, I just know she will love it :)