Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elle: Lacey-Affair

I'm going to try to be better than update my blog daily... I've been neglecting it so I promise to try. So on with the show...

I think it's not big secret that I love all things girly and feminine.So you can imagine my drooling campaign when I saw this new Elle editorial. I've been behind on my magazine reading but I opened to this sweet surprise.

Lace, lace and MORE lace! Sweet things that look like they belong in a candy shop! The ballerina flats, the lacey bras, the silken pants <3 <3 <3

The trick, of course, is how to wear it in the everyday life :) That's when I come in. (forgive my choppy scan, I'm not exactly known for my technical skills)

How to use these? The trick is not going overboard with the lace, select an item of clothing or a couple of accessories. Dont dress from head to toe in lace because you'll look like me, circa 1994. It was not a good time.

Dress with Lace - Casual

Dress with Lace - Dressed Up


  1. I just found your blog through College Fashion and I love it!

    I love that you describe where you imagine wearing the outfits, reminds me of Jane magazine before it went out. I dunno if you ever read it.

    anyways, great post!

  2. So pretty! I especially love the second outfit. Do you have any tips on picking out the right nude shades to wear if you're really pale? I can't seem to find any that flatter my skin tone.

  3. i must have this issue of elle

    thanks for the outfit ideas


  4. Audrey, I totally remember that magazine, it was around when I was a teen and I used to love it! Good times!

    Krista, if you think that nudes do nothing for your skin, like your face wear them below your waist. For example, wear a nude skirt or nude shoes or a nude purse. This way you're still wearing the nudes you love just not in a top. The dress in the 3rd outfit would be great because it combines with black.

    Rebecca, no problem, it was a great editorial and very dreamy :)

  5. Awesome editorials....cool blog


  6. OH I need to have that issue! I love those looks, thanks for sharing :)

  7. No problem; I think we can all walk away with a long wishlist from it.