Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SS 2010: Chanel Says...

Let us play a round of Simon says... but in Couture which would mean 'Chanel Says!'. I love this game.

Chanel says... THE suit dont die, it multiplies!

Chanel says... short-pant suits are back, bitches!

Chanel says... and so are silver booties!

Channel says... and so is silver polish!

Chanel says... AND bows on hair

Chanel says... AND chokers!

Chanel says... and sheer sparkly tights!

Chanel says... sorry, lost my train of thought, it's too pretty

Chanel says... it's cape time, bitches!

Chanel says... it's OK to marry in a short dress

Chanel says... I'm fabulous

Chanel says... embrace the glovies

... and the Rogue hair...

Chanel says... you will see me draped on a celebrity at the Oscars



Chanel says... you're not this great even if you tried

Chanel says... Chuck and Blair should get married

Karl says... hello world, I pawnyouthanks.

Overall? STUNNING, GORGEOUS but NO to the short pants suit. Otherwise HELL yes on everything.


  1. Chanel says ... Chuck and Blair should get married

    & We know Chanel is always right ! ;-)

    Love all the collection btw

  2. Chanel says... Chuck and Blair should get married
    jajjajajaj this just put a smile on my face and totally made my night lol i could totally see chuck wearing that suit Blair would freak, i think, lol


  3. I love Chanel so much. So so so so much. Is it weird that the minnie-mouse-ish hair was quite possibly my favorite thing here?