Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shop Lust: Jcrew Spring 2010

Drool list for Spring. I have this little ritual I love to do. It's called 'wait for Jcrew' and it's really therapeutic. I sit and wait for Jcrew to show me what I'm going to wish for come this Spring. I'm lucky enough to have a Jcrew outlet 30 min from my house which technically is rather unhealthy as when I've saved myself enough $$ I run over with Andy (one of my shopping buddies) and we attack all the Jcrew accessories that are 50-70% off. So this is technically making a shopping list for things I will eventually buy. Capish?

Here's said wishlist of the new arrivals for the Spring <3

Look how pretty the color!!

guh. *wants*


so fresh and clean

super romantic!

dear baby jesus, if you get me this bag I promise NEVER to buy bags again.

and this one too, baby jesus...

how perfect are these?


so dainty!

how gorgeous is this? With a plain top and this would just POP!

I mean... I have no words... I'd go celibate for this for like a year...

so classy! totally channeling jackie-o!
*Happy Sigh*
I want them all.


  1. I love the J. Crew catalogue! My favorite is that second dress, I mean, it would be perfect for basically anything.

  2. I know, it's a stunning dress, well worth the investment!

  3. love the dresses! they're so pretty... and don't promise never to buy bags again! we girls know that promise won't last.. lol.

  4. Yeah, I dont even believe my own promises, lol