Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trend Look: The Trouser

Oh you know it's cold, everywhere it's cold. Even here in Florida I froze my ass off this week. So this skirt-loving girl started being persuaded by the dressy trouser as a means for daily wear.

Now, I know this pant is very controversial but let us take some facts with us:
  1. hides the belly because none of us have Jennifer Aniston's abs.
  2. hides the hips
  3. dresses up a regular pants outfit
  4. keeps the legs warm
Now, with this knowledge will you give it a try? Yes, no, already have?

Dressy Trousers

How to wear it:
Oh the pants

Who wears it? Leighton, Alix & of course the ever fabulous Katherine Hepburn.


  1. already bought lots of them.... def a must have! :)


  2. I will definitely try it! I love your simple outline of product, how to wear, and inspiration photos, very helpful ;)

  3. i love pants, but they are so tricky! i hate shopping for them, but these are some good choices!

  4. They're very flattering, I wore some yesterday and it felt odd at the beginning but by 3pm it was officially one of the most comfortable outfits I had ever worn :)