Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loving Right Now: Equestrian Look

I have been slightly in love with this equestrian look after I saw the pictures at Dior. I mean, how perfectly timeless is this? Granted, I'm not going out with the full ridding gear my a few elements injected into the wardrobe might do me some good.

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 I found some lovely pieces that can be used as a canvas for this look:

How do you wear these beauties day to day?
Equestrian Look

A pair of flat ridding boots are so very comfortable and can take you for miles and miles. They look awesome with both skirts and jeans. A fitted jacket is essential, they're very flattering and they 'dress-up' your jeans look. This is a perfect Friday outfit for work that can carry you to dinner with your friends. A+ in my book!
Also, you can find a lot of used flap-over bags, in ebays there's TONS of vintage Coach ones and you can also find them in thrift shops for a cheap and perfect way to give in to your equestrian urge.

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  1. This equestrian look kind of remind me of the recent 'military' look. Oh, I love the red bag in your outfit!! And the watch. Love it!!

  2. To me it's a bit of an upgrade because it lacks the poop-green colors, I like the more vibrant and primary colors better :)

  3. Great collages, love the inspiration you got