Friday, February 19, 2010

Trend: Florals

Florals for Spring, how inventive, right? However this is a trend I've been looking forward to. I love florals, they're so girly and soft and overall pretty. Makes me think of singing in the mountains. Seriously :)

Now, like all trends, you can't overdo this one. Just because you've got a few flowery pieces doesn't mean you need to leave your house looking like a bouquet of roses. A good way to tell if you've overdone it is if you're wearing more than ONE clothing piece. If people are afraid of hugging you because they're wondering if you come with thorns there's a good chance you've lost your mind.

Now, a cheap way of getting your hands on some florals (as they're sure to be overpriced just because it's 'coming back') is hit the thrift stores. I guarantee you'll find an early 90's cardigan somewhere in there or a lovely ruffled floral blouse that will look fantastic with the rest of your clothes.

Florals 2

How to pair it up?

Saw this picture this week that I loved; Queen B sporting the floral blouse. LOVE it. (I love the whole outfit but then again I love anything she wears, I usually want to bathe myself in her wardrobe)


  1. i love your ideas of pairing it up! can't wait to try this trend. :)

  2. I'm going thrift shopping this week so I'm sure we will score some lovely flowery-prints!