Monday, February 15, 2010

Trend: Tauped it All

Taupe nails are nothing new, seriously, this isn't something that is a grand scientific discovery or anything. We haven't landed in the nail color equivalency of the moon. Yet, after a long time of sporting bold and dark colors on our nails it seems like a change of pace to feel the return of a neutral nail. By neutral nail I dont mean the god-awful French manicure or the creamy ivory that didn't leave my nail bed for like two years, two years ago. What I am referring to is the taupe nail. Lovely, creamy darker beige in a mushroom-y taupy goodness. Yes, I realize half of those words are not technically words but they convey my emotions :)

This is the color you dont have to worry about all week; it's the color that goes with the lovely neutrals coming this Spring and it's the color I seem to be buying more and more without realizing it. So I've swatched some shades, these colors are now available in nearly all brands, so you can get your favorite brand :)

And now swatched:

From left to right: Rimmel's Steel Gray, Maybeline's Touch of Taupe, CHI's Love That Milky Way Shake & ORLY's Country Club Khaki.

I dont think I will buy more as I seem to have plenty of taupes now... the problem is which to wear this week =/

What thinks you? Are you willing to lay your dark green to rest for a while for a lovely taupe or are you skipping this fashion wave?


  1. I like Taupes as they go with everything. A nice neutral tone. Every now and then it's nice to take a break from bright colorful nails.

  2. Yes, I agree. To not have to even think about it is always good, plus the lighter the shade the less you notice that there's chipping.

  3. i am rocking taupe right now, commander in chic from sally hansen to be exact!