Sunday, February 14, 2010

Makeup: My Own Glosses & The All Natural Face

So what's a girl to do on a Saturday night when she's positively sick? She makes lip glosses! Of course she does! I mean, what else would she do? My little humble glosses were super simple to make and they cost me $0. I just took some petroleum jelly and mixed mica or pigments into it to make some shades. Now I have 6 new glosses =D

Then I potted them in these little old eyeshadow pots I had and VOILA! Lip envy. Check it out:

I dont remember which colors I used =/ I just kept throwing stuff in. My favorite thus far is 'His Fridal Gal' and 'Gosh, She's Pretty'. I'm wearing the second one today =D Crafty.

THEN! I got a bit of a haul. I received my order from 'The All Natural Face' and I did some sad swatches for you, I'm not the best at making swatches but I hope you still like :)

  1. Peach Ice
  2. Fireball Fuchsia
  3. Evening Orchid
  4. Peacock Blue <3
  5. Steel Blue
  6. Rain Forest
  7. Just Peachy
  8. Orange Ice
  9. Cornflower <3
So yeah... I went a bit crazy. :) I've gotten a bunch of stuff I just keep running out of time at night to post them since I'm going to school and it's mid-terms week. BUT if you're thinking about getting these colors -do- they're SUPER pigmented and the shimmers press wonderfully well.

And if you have questions about doing your own glosses feel free to ask :)

Short post, have a great day everyone!!


  1. this looks like this must have been so much fun to make! what a creative idea! =)

  2. Thank you! Granted, the staying power is next to zero but they're very moisturizing. :) And yes, it was super fun, lol