Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imitating: Sarah Jessica Parker

With the weekend quickly approaching I'm sure you need something fab for some of your evening plans. I saw this picture as Sarah Jessica Parker this morning and as the majority of you have agreed that she's the Queen, let us imitate her a bit.

It's no secret that I've been raving about my love for the lace-trend happening currently. I'm utterly in love with it. I'm hunting for a perfect pair of black and cream lace shoes that dont kill my feet. The hunt continues.

In the meantime. Check out her absolutely chic and perfect look:

A simple lace dress with a boyfriend blazer on top, classic black pumps and purse with loads and loads of pearls and chains and soft waves in her hair. Perfection. Perfect for Spring nights that still cling to a bit of chilliness yet warm enough to show off your legs. This outfit should be super comfortable yet sexy and trendy.

How to do it? When I went to the mall last weekend there were tons of lace dresses everywhere. So you have your pick of the crop, same with boyfriend blazers. I got my boyfriend blazers at the thrift store, a quick stop at the cleaners and this 80's classic is ready for their closeup. Take your favorite pair of black dress shoes, a black purse and you're nearly done! I picked up a long, long, long string of pearls at a craft store for $19! They were so long that I was able to loop them three times over my neck and still have them hang around my breast area. I also saw some bargains at Forever21. Add some silver chains to it and got my look!

Hair and makeup, if you've got straight hair then either use a curling iron or rollers to get some soft waves. If you've got wavy or curly hair you'll have to blow-dry it straight and then twist sections of your hair into buns, keep it in buns while you apply makeup and that should give you defined soft waves. If you've got short hair a lovely up-do will also do, make sure to let go of some tendrils for that 'tossed' Serena Van der Woodsen effect.

Give blush a try to get that fresh Spring look and go light on the fragrance, something airy and fresh as opposed to the muskier smells of the winter.


  1. You know, I really admire your ability to take a look and figure out how to do it in "real life". Beautiful outfit!

  2. i agree, this look is so wearable!! all i need is a lacey dress!

  3. Well-done!) But could u pls make a review of SJ's style? Would b great!

  4. The words 'I'm not worthy come to mind' but how about a 'Style Icon' post of the SatC girls in honor of the new movie?