Saturday, March 13, 2010

Movie Inspiration: The Breakfast Club

An undeniable classic. The entire movie is a note board about how to be dysfunctional cool in the 80's. Now, a few decades later when the vibe of the 80's seems to be buzzing in fashion, it's time to take a look at the outfits that inspired a generation.

Magically enough, the cast wore the same outfits the entire time but in a very neat fashion they began shedding layers of it as the movie progressed. There's five character but I'm going to focus on the ladies wear portion.

Let us start with our girl Allison.

Rebellious beauty that went from looking like she wore a potato sack to fresh-faced and beautiful. Allison, of course, makes the biggest physical transformation. I mean... what can I say about what she's wearing in the beginning? It's quite horrible, in my opinion. But her transformation? Fabulous! Her skin is clean, fresh and attractive. I still dont know where Claire got the headband but there it is. When I first saw the film I thought that she would end up with the rebel since they were alike in appearance but it's the jock that captures this rebellious girl, she steals his heart and his patch. Heart her.

A bit of inspiration from our resident basket-case beauty?

Now on to Claire:

The school's precious virginal prim & proper rich princess.I think it's no secret that I would favor Claire's character, I had a thing for Molly Ringwald in the 80's. Claire arrives with a buttery brown leather coat, matching gloves and boots. Her dad drops her off in a BMW. She sports real diamond earrings. She has Sushi packed for Lunch. Jocks love her but it's the rebellious bad boy with daddy-issues that captures her attention.

Love her or hate her you've got to admit she's got a pristine sense of style. As she sheds her coat and is left with this gorgeous brown skirt and pink feminine blouse I end up loving her even more. How to dress like Claire?

The Breakfast Club - Claire

Feeling the Breakfast?


  1. I can't help but think how much Claire reminds me of Blair. Virgin...princess .... wealthy, and of course....falls for the guy with daddy issues :) Never realized that until your post!

  2. Yes, I agree. Give John Bender a billion dollars and he's the original Chuck Bass ;)

  3. Love the movie inspiration idea. I saw Alice in Wonderland today. TERRIBLE movie -- GREAT fashion inspiration!