Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Party - St. Patrick's Day!

I want to first apologize for the lack of posts, I'm swamped with work which unfortunately has nothing to do with neither fashion or beauty and that comes first since it's what pays the bills.

So a quick drop for those of you who have fabulous plans tonight for St Patrick's day! Please do not go out looking like an extra from the Green Lantern set. Please. ;)
St. Patrick's Day Preppy

If you're preppy or have a 'prep' event to attend go for understated yet very fun and festive. If it's still cold where you're at wear stockings with the shorts, black ones and replace the mint shoes for matching black ones to give you a nice and warm silhouette.
St. Patrick's Day - Rocker

Going to party like it's 1999? Have an AMAZING party tonight or hitting a club today with your girls? Go all out with a tacky, super sparkly top. Keep the jeans and the shoes the same color so that your crazy top and eyeshadow really stand out. You can also replace the clutch with one with a thin strap across your body so you have more hands to hold the green beer with. These are important things to think about.
St. Patrick's Day - Sexy Glam

Got a HOT date? Going to an fancier party tonight? Rock out a dress with a killer cleavage - dont forget the matching green bra underneath. Sexy strappy heels and even experiment with makeup by replacing your usual cat-eye black liner for something green! 

Until then, when I have time to make a proper post, love ya peeps!

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  1. i have that essie polish. not sure it's a good color for me tho :-/