Saturday, March 20, 2010

Makeup: April Shadows

I was out of town this week so it was hard for me to update as normal. I missed being home! :)

I know many of you up the eastern north are feeling the first signs of that lovely time called Spring. Still cool enough for a light sweater but warm enough to break out of your gray and black routine.

It's also time to do all sorts of happy things to your eye! Like happy pastels and lovely light shimmers for both day and night looks. I went about and found some of my favorite shadows if you're looking to add a bit of color to your usual daily routine.

Now, I know not everyone is willing to paint their eye blue like I am so I've divided them into sections and you can pick from where you feel most comfortable with.

The Conservative
Play with some peachy corals, soft greens, mild purples and loads of highlights.Either skip the eyeliner or use some light brown liner, the black will just make your eye heavy and defeat the purpose of the 'lighter' look.
L-R: 'Wink' by Heavenly Natural Beauty, 'Tropical' by NYX, 'Swimming' by MAC, 'Amethyst' by ELF Studio, 'Naked' by Mum Mum's and 'Kuala Lumpur' by Nars

The Trend-Setter
Not afraid of trying something new and exciting? Hell, you may even need an entire palette to update your look! Play with color with your eyeliner, there's tons of beautiful eyeliners that will compliment your bold eyeshadow. Keep your lips lighter since you're piling on the color in your lids.
L-R: 'Happily Ever After' by HiFi Cosmetics, 'Birds and Berries' by MAC, 'Appletini' by Beauty from the Earth, 'Atmosphere' by Urban Decay Stardust Collection & 'Flower Child Palette' by Tarte.

I personally play with each look, some days I feel like just wearing something soft and brown on my lid and then other days I'm all about the metallic green shadow. Either way you can play all you like, its time to show how much you love Spring with your lovely lids.

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