Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring into Shoes!

And so on this fine afternoon of innocently browsing the MAC counters (mineralized skinfinish natural is the best invention ever.) Alex and I accidentally wandered to the shoe section of Macys. Now, this is like releasing sex-deprived male teen in a sea of willing-weave-wearing-whores (4Ws). So here I am... amidst shoes and shoes WILLING to be bought and $100 burning my pocket... and the little resolution of 'NO MORE SHOES UNTIL SUMMER' repeating itself over and over in my head.

So I will be honest... I started coming up with excuses as to why I needed a new pair of shoes. Thank god I was with Alex because as I happily and un-guiltily carried these beautiful Michael Kors to the register when she snatched me by my side-sling purse and dragged me sans-new shoes to the nearest exit. I was so depressed. Plus it's been raining all day, my mood didn't turn for the better until I found the entire ELF Studio Makeup collection in my Super Target.

But just because I can't buy a new pair doesn't mean you can't get one. I'll live vicariously through you. Without further delay... 10 Spring/Summer Shoes for Under $100. Seriously.
@ Steven Madden
(guaranteed to create Blake Lively legs.)
@ Nine West
(... a bit posturepedic but you know... sparkly!)

@ Aldo
(buy @ your own discretion, I'm still not won over by the 'clog')

@ Bakers 
(hello, YSL-look-a-likes)
@ Jessica Simpson
(I can vouch that these are super comfy, if you go to Macy's they're on sale!)

@ Top Shop
(PEARLS! Pearls on my feet!)

@ Forever 21
@ Delias 
(how pretty, right? With some dark skinny jeans and a oxford blouse!)
@ Spiegel
@ Urban Outfitters

Just in case you needed some ideas as to what to do with your income tax return check. =)


  1. Agreed on the nude pumps having leg magic - I recently bought a dirt-cheap (13 euros, seriously) blue pair and was very happily surprised! =D

  2. I love my pair, I used mine to the bone, literally. Now I'm searching for a new pair that was just as comfy.

  3. IMO the one by Steve Madden and the YSL look-a-like looks the best. I wonder if you'll be able to resist after all :D