Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trend Look: The Oxford

I must say... I'm a sucker for oxford high-heel shoes. The pretty laces, the masculinity mixed in with the femininity. I just love it. I wear my brown ones with a happy floral dress to tone it down, love wearing them with tights or with jeans for a 70's structured look.

The oxford heels are all over the place right now, a love them MUCH MUCH more than I will ever accept the clog. So how about this for an alternative?
The New Oxford

I personally enjoy them with heels, they're sturdy and they tend to be comfortable. You can walk for miles in them! I remember my very first pair of high heel oxfords, I was in 9th grade and they were from this Asian store, cost me $10 and I LOVED them. Wore them until they broke. 
How to wear them? Technically with nearly everything. I'm serious.

Dress them up!

Wear them to work
Oxford - Work

You see? Infinite possibilities! Thoughts?


  1. I love the oxford! But the open toe ones....do the wear them with anything rule apply there too?

  2. I think they would look the best with skirts, personally, but if you feel the outfit I'd say go for it!