Monday, March 29, 2010

Prize Time!

I know I have been MIA once more. Work cuts in and prevented me from updating the blog. I do come bearing good news!

I will hold my first ever giveaway! It's a small one but a fun one nonetheless. This week while away I picked up OPI's Mad as a Hatter which is sold out in a lot of places. All my local stores were sold out and my usual websites were also sold out. At this point you most likely have to get in in ebay. So imagine my happy surprise when I walked into a small little shop and found two of them! I rapidly grabbed one for me but then I stared at the one left and I was like "I bet my readers would love to win one..." so I got it for you guys!

Look how insane this color is (no pun intended)

You'll need THREE coats to get it this intense but it's really worth it. Very sparkly and fun!

So this is what you have to do if you want to qualify to win:
  1. Email me at 
    • Send me your name and email address
    • Subject: Mad as a Hatter!
    • Deadline is  April 3, 2010!
    • I will post the winner on April 4th and I will email you to get your address!
  1. That's it! I will ship internationally, so anyone can enter!
I will draw up a random name, please enter only once to be fair to others =)

Good luck, guys! I will post tomorrow with an actual update!

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