Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Ways to Stay Fab In Summer Heat

Listen I live in Florida. We know heat that most people dont understand. I'm not talking about the sun bearing down on you like it does in Phoenix. I'm talking about gasping-humidity that makes you want to dive into a glass of ice water. That type of heat. And this type of heat last from about now up until November. Yeah, we have issues.

So what exactly do we have to do to stay looking fabulous through the months of unbearable heat ahead? These are a few tricks I've learned:

1- Keep the toes done because you're going to need sandals. Most important in the hot weather is making sure you dont go around with crunchy feet. There's no greater sin.

     Products I can't live without:

The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Rescue. Use it after every shower.

Pumi Bars. No kidding I own like 5 of these. The best- BEST- pumice stones. And they're like $2 bucks each.

Nail polish. Yes. Paint them. Bare nails made no one happy. Fun, happy colors that reflect what spring/summer is all about.

2 - Dont fight the hair. If you've got curls, then you've got curls. You're going to have to come to terms with that one on your own. If the humidity is high, April showers are approaching or you're coming fresh out of the pool/beach dont waste your time blow-drying and then flat-ironing that hair. Add some product to it, diffuse it and let it air-dry. Combat frizz by using serum and dont comb it once the curls have set it. If you've got straight hair just add some good products to it and let it air dry for a sexy-casual look. If you've got long hair braid it or top with fancy yet laid back up-dos. And then, anyone can do a fancy-dandy pony tail. If you've got a cute face maybe it's time to try that pixie look you've been thinking about.

Hair OK:

 3 - Purse essentials. If you've got a long day, chances are you may not have time to go back home and 'touch up' before the date or before you meet your friends for diner. If you've got a car, I always carry a few shoes in the trunk along with a change of clothes. Cause you never know. If all you've got is your purse make sure it's a nice large one because come Summer you need essentials.

Things I need in my purse:

Travel Brush & it comes with a mirror!

Evian Purse Spray

Deodorant. Because you just never know.

Get yourself a mini-fan and make sure it's got batteries. Trust me, in the middle of that lovely and romantic movie in the park you're going to need it.

Hair Spray. Get it and keep it close by.

Travel Wipes. Now days you can find it at any Target, Walgreens, CVS or Walmart. Look in the travel section and you have your choice of any travel wipes you like.

Clean & Clear's Oil Absorbing Sheets. I go through packs and packs of these during the summer. Shiny, oily faces are not OK.

4 - Invest in floaty summer dresses and sandals. Yes, girls, the time is soon here (and for me it's already here!) where one cannot wear those lovely tights and laced-up booties. Consider investing in some floaty dresses made with light fabrics, light cardigans and sandals.

5 - Get a hat. A perfect way to keep the sun off your face, hide dirty hair (note, I do not condone greasy hair!) and accessorize an outfit. I personally own one hat. I use it when I run and the sun is high. It's a Yankees cap. And that's it. But hats may be your thing. So get some fresh ones:

Is anyone excited that the heat is coming? I personally can't wait until Fall comes again =)


  1. This is a great list! thanks for the tips =)

  2. Thanks for the great tips!
    What do you use evian purse spray for?

  3. I keep it in my purse and use it when it get too hot, you mist it over your face and neck and it refreshes you. A lot of people also use it when traveling, it'll just liven you up a bit