Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Basic Three

Spring is that great time when some days might be warm and other days might be cooler. I have been really watching what I spend because I am saving up for a lovely September vacation but a girl still needs to update her wardrobe, correct?

I've narrowed down three basic pieces that one can consider investments during this season.

The Draped Cardigan. You can find them nearly anywhere these days from high end to Target to Macy's. I have been steadily collecting them in a few basic colors. I have them now in black, gray, white and wheat color. But I've been really considering getting it in a non-neutral tone just to spice things up. This cardigan will save you from what I like to refer to as 'over thinking the outfit'. From skinny jeans and flats or cinching the waist with a belt over the cardigan and a dress underneath, you can use this for nearly anything.
Versatile - The Cardigan

The Basic Trench Coat. I bought my first one some years ago and I've had it since and then this year while perusing thrift stores I found a fabulous one for $19! Since then I am convinced that I need to use it all the time. Plus it's perfect for rainy days, keeps you dry and warm. Note, these can also be used on top of lace underwear to surprise boyfriend/husband to GREAT effects.
The Jean Shirt. Now this is a new one for me. For starters I had to mule over how this piece would fit into my seemingly "dressy" look. I'll be honest, I dont 'dress down' much. I own one pair of sneakers and those are used to work out. I dont own sweatshirts and the only article of clothing I steal from my bf is his dress shirts which I love cinching with a belt. Yet after thinking it over I discovered that I quite like it if done tastefully. Now, be it that you're a rocker-goddess or a conservative like me this can definitely work for you.

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