Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Battle of the Mascaras

My very favorite beauty product is mascaras (aside from eyeshadows because who doesn't love eyeshadows??). I have a thing about lashes. I just love all sorts of mascaras, I've put more gunk in my eye than it's usually recommended. So I figured I'd share my top 8 favorite mascaras of all time.

1. Covergirl's Lashblast (about $8)
I know this is like a cult favorite but in case you've never tried it - try it. I really dont understand what you're waiting for.I love this so much I have it in a few 'types' and a few shades. The wand is weird when you first use it but because I have large eyes I dont have a problem getting the tiny hairs.
2. Loreal's Voluminous (about $10)
I think this was the first mascara I used in High School that was actually good and when I used it I was like 'WHOA' that's what lashes can do? I used it for many years and then I forgot it and left it behind and then I recently re-discovered it. It comes in all sorts now, I've been meaning to try it in the 'Blackest Black' one, once my current tube is out I may go for that one.
3. Lancome's Definicils (about $24)
A friend bought me my first tube because she fell in love with this mascara. Thank god I discovered this after college when I had my first 'real' job because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to feed my addiction. I love this mascara SO much. I have already long lashes but it makes them even more amazing which I just love. It's not horrible to remove either, I dont use the waterproof formula either. I think I have bought like 10 of these tubes in my life. This is also good if you're got small eyes with small lashes because the wand is so thin.
4. Maybelline's The Colossal Volume Mascara (about $6)
I own this one in brown because I wanted a more 'natural' look mascara but it surprised the hell out of me when even in brown it's amazingly awesome. I was so impressed with this that I got tubes for my friends when they were in sale at Target. I was having lunch with Alex the other day and I noticed her lashes were amazing and she said 'that mascara you got me, I have to say that it's the best mascara I have ever tried'. And for Alex to admit I'm right takes all the Olympian gods, if you get my drift ;)

5. Dior's Diorshow Extase Mascara ($28)
This is a pretty recent acquisition of mine but I am in - IN LOVE - with it. I believe it's worth all twenty-eight dollars of it. This is an insane mascara. However, I dont use it everyday. This is a weekend-nights or special events mascara. I keep it well sealed until used so it wont dry out but this is a absolutely fabulous mascara, especially when you're doing a smoky eye look. Gives a true -fake lash- feel to your lashes.
6. Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara ($10)
This one is very hard to find these days since Max Factor is being pulled from US shelves. But you can easily find it internationally. My cousin in Puerto Rico sends them to me <3 But this mascara is absolutely divine and kicks ass of those twice it's price. I have it in the very black one and I just love it. This is also my friend Glenda's, who is a professional makeup artist, favorite mascara along with Lashblast.

7. Loreal's Double Extend Carbon Black Mascara (about $10)
This mascara and I became bffs this past weekend and I'm already wondering how I ever lived without it. The answer is that I didn't - honestly! The trick to this one is to let the white primer part dry first and then go in with the carbon black, otherwise you get gray lashes and that doesn't look good on anyone. But once you get the gist of it, by your second coat of black you're wondering if you're seeing things. It's really that amazing, I have been wearing everyday since Saturday when I got it.Even the bf commented on it and he, like most men, dont understand the general use of lashes to begin with.

8. Maybelline's XXL Pro 24 HR Bold (about $7)
This was discovery on a whim, I just felt bold and picked it up without hearing about it and I was very much impressed. I am loving these 'double' sided wands. I took it with me to my trip to Washington and I got several compliments on it, it creates a really wonderful bold lash. They have several kinds of it also.

And that's it! I hope this helps if you're in the market for a new mascara and you're welcomed to suggest some to me. I have in mind to purchase the Givenchy one so perhaps this will one day be a top 9 favorite mascaras, lol.


  1. i love mascara too! my fav (maybelline lash stylist) was discontinued and i still haven't found a replacement :( i'll have to give one of these a try.

  2. I never tried that one but I firmly believe that when it comes to mascaras the lower-end you go the better they usually are