Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Trend: The Statement Skirt

It's no secret that Spring is a time for happy-fun colors, colors that make a statement. So can you be surprised that my favorite trend is the statement skirt? I love a lovely bold skirt and when you find a good bold skirt, it'll be in style year after year, you just pair it up with different accessories and it's instantly updated. You can find a Statement Skirt nearly anywhere these days, I found some lovely ones online. The great thing about this type of skirt is that paired with some flats it can be a perfect Sunday morning, stroll in the farmer's market ensemble. Paired with strappy, sparkly heels it's perfect for a party. :)
The Bold Skirt

I'm really feeling navy and nautical right now so Im not surprised I put this particular outfit together. :)

There's just something lovely about strutting with bare legs and a happy skirt around your legs, puts you right into the Spring feel.

Who is using the Statement Skirt?
Blair Waldorf, Kristen Bell, Delmy @ Fashion Bananas, Karla @ Karla's Closet, and Sam @ Daily Fashion Boost

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  1. Great choices. I love the Miss Selfridge one with the yellow bow!