Friday, April 30, 2010


Another giveaway so soon? Yup! This time I'm having 2 winners! In the past year I have collected an obscene amount of mineral eyeshadows and pigments. OBSCENE. So I'm giving away 50, yes 50 sample baggies 50 different colors. The amount is enough for about 2-3 eye looks. So multiply that times 50 and you've got a lot of effing eye make-up!

If you're interested in participating please email me your name & email at with the subject "SAMPLES!!" and I will enter you to be one of the two lucky winners! I will select the colors at random from all the colors I've got so I'm pretty sure you'll find at least something you love, lol

The deadline for entering is May 8th. I will announce the winner May 9th in the blog.

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