Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review: LORAC's Little Black Palette

Ok, product review time! :)

My relationship with Lorac has been limited. By limited I mean my love for it limits itself to one product and one product only. The brow liner. And that's it. I, for the most part, am not convinced with their product or the pricing of their product. So I usually skip over Lorac when in Ulta or Sephora. Yet this week while I was browsing the kits and palettes that ULTA had for viewing I found this little thing here:
The kit retails for $32 and it includes four pretty large baked shadows and a sample of their eye primer. The packaging drew me in and since I was testing everything else I figured I'd test this. I was surprised... no, SHOCKED that these shadows were not only super pigmented but they were creamy and fantastic. I had to swatch all of them all over the back of my hand much to the sales girl's distress. I didn't even notice the primer, honestly, I was so excited about the shadows. I calculated the price per shadow and it comes to $8 a shadow. I pay almost twice for a MAC one. So I decided to set aside my issues with LORAC and buy the palette. After sneaking it inside the apartment (since I'm supposed to have started a new makeup fast) so the bf wouldn't see it, I happily started playing with it.

I took some pictures of my journey....

As you can see, these colors are just gorgeous. So gorgeous I decided to swatch them:

These shadows are so creamy and "blendable" that I had to imediatelly do a look with them:

See? SO in love with it! Now, let us talk the primer. I used the primer for the look above.

One, I LOVE the squeeze bottle. If you were to purchase the primer on its own it's $20 but it's a squeeze tube. Two dollars more than Urban Decay and you dont have to get all Medieval on the bottle afterward.

Two, I love how rich it is. It's richer than Urban Decay which means I need less.

Three, holds pigment. I did the swatches and the look with the primer and it really pops the shadow.

I have not used it all day to see how it does with creasing but I'm not a good judge of that since I dont have oily lids at all and most primers work for me. But I'm taking my kit with me to Seattle and I plan to testing that baby this week.

Overall? I think it's fab for $32. All four shadows are simply divine, I still refuse to believe this product came from Lorac. Either they've stepped it up or the box and items are mislabeled ;)

You can purchase this product here:

Note: I might be a bit quiet this week because I'm traveling, sorry!


  1. I'm a new reader! thanks for doing this review~ I was debating whether i should get this palette or not. but after reading your review and seeing the swatches, i think i will!

  2. Hello Isabelle,

    I'm a faithfull reader, I've read every single post of yours, even if I don't comment though (shame on me !)
    I really like, admire the way you use your shadows. Can you give us a make-up lesson ? It'd be so helpful, for me and for many other girls, for sure !
    I really like the way you shadded it off, it's amazing ! I've tried a billion times to do something with my shadows, and I always end up with a shiner-like look, lol.
    So I'm begging you to do something!!

    Keep on giving us amazing articles to read !


  3. After trying these shadows, can you recommend other eyeshadows that have a similar texture/pigmentation/lasting power? I'm not looking for color dupes, but other eyeshadows with the same quality. I have this palette and I LOVE the shadows. I haven't tried very many brands of shadows so I'm not sure what a good comparison would be.

  4. My favorite of the moment are the Stila shadows, have you had a chance to try those? They're fabulous.