Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Miss Selfridge Gossip Girl Collection

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions and I'm giving an honest review. I have not been asked to do this nor have I have I been sent any of the merchandise.
Loving Gossip Girl blatantly for the fashion and then for everything else I was excited to see what Eric Damon (the show's designer) was going to create for the girl's looks in this line. I saw the dresses this morning (the entire collection is dresses, if I'm not mistaken) and I've got some thoughts.

Overall, I'm honestly not impressed with the collection. For starters, though I am a fan of black myself, I feel there's too much black for this collection that is launching as Summer quickly approaches us and people are looking for more color than anything else. With the exception of one of Blair's dresses all others are either all black or have black detail Secondly, I'm not sold on these really fitting the character's personality that much. Now, I understand that all this has to be toned down for it to reflect a 'wearable' adaptation of the show so I will let that one slide.

Let us begin with Serena:
I think the first dress fits her character to the T. However, I'm not convinced about the second one, at all. The first one is a reincarnation of the ever so popular "bandage" dress by Herve Lager. Though it suits S I honestly feel it now feels dated; this is something I would've been excited about a year ago. Does this make sense? I'm also afraid of the many people who shouldn't wear this dress who will happily stuff themselves into it. I can't say much about the second one, mostly because I've seen similar things in Ross. And I have to say that Serena wears a lot more color than this, even her formal dresses tend to be nude-hues or blues.

The Blair look:
The first dress is very similar to something my Blair would wear, the floral is lovely and very summery. The Blair looks look more like Spring/Summer to me than all the other girls. I think the colors chosen are fun and bright and happy. Let us talk about this second dress. While I admit it's just adorable and dainty I'm pretty sure this is more of a Jenny-style circa Season 1 (before the black eyeliner) and I'm also pretty sure I've seen this exact same dress in Project Runway, I think Season 3.  To me Blair often looks a lot more like a 40's screen siren than anything and though dress #1 is lovely I dont think it's a good representation of her character. Blair is the Queen B and to me these lack the 'presence' her show attire reflect, that Upper East Side bitchy-princess is lacking in the translation.

On to Jenny
I think the looks fit adequately her punk-rock chick look. I actually adore the first dress, it's my favorite of the entire collection. I love the lace and the tier detail and I would totally wear it... IN THE WINTER. Sorry. I would wear it with some tights and booties and hot pink polish but definitely not something I would get during this time of year. I've got no comment on the second dress, it's just not my style at all.

and finally Vannesa

I dont think I mention enough how much I dont like animal print. So that settles my thoughts on the first dress, it is something Vanessa would wear though. The second dress is better but again not something I'm impressed with, I've seen similar ones in Ross or Forever 21. Though these are things she would wear if I'm not mistaken Vanessa wears a lot more color than this; perhaps some purple or yellow in there?

Over all, these are OK dresses, I dont think they're anything particularly special and MUST HAVES. I think that Anne Sui had more interesting designs for the Target line and even fit their characters more. I have to say I'm disappointed, I really love Eric Damon, he seems like a sweetheart and I've loved the designs he's created for the girls on the show. Like the dress he made for Jenny in the season 2 premiere was gorgeous. So a bit of a let down but oh well, what can a girl do?

Your thoughts on the collection?


  1. I definitely agree that the dresses don't really seem to match up with the characters. And all that black and gray seems so...blah.

    "I'm also afraid of the many people who shouldn't wear this dress who will happily stuff themselves into it." - As somebody who is fat, I kind of took offense to this statement. I'm sure that you probably didn't mean any harm by it, but I don't think people should make blanket statements about what fat people "should" be restricted from wearing just because they are fat. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I am sorry you took offense to it, as someone who is size 12 and not thin by any means I know what I should and should not wear. Many would consider me a cow, especially in the fashion world. Hence, not everyone looks good in everything. A bandage dress? I dont look good in it, it takes a mature woman to know what looks good in one's own body and when to admit when something doesn't. It's as simple as that. Same with leggings, it's something I just dont wear with just a top because 'hot mess' comes to mind. I would rather tell or have someone tell me that just doesn't look good than let me parade around looking not my best.

    Take a look at magazines that break down what to wear according to your body shape - it's the same concept. If you've got HUGE breasts you've got to give the tatas some love and not wear a tiny halter top because it just doesn't look good.

    Makes sense? I hope so, I dont skid around the weight subject especially when I'm the farthest one from being skinny but us big girls need to know what to wear and what to say 'no thanks' to.

  3. I agree with everything you said. Aside from Blair's outfit, these screams "fall/winter" clothings to me. And honestly, none of the clothes really represent the characters to begin with.