Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion Icon: Faye Dunaway

To say that Faye Dunaway was a fashion icon of her own is an understatement.Faye defined an entire generation; she represented a changing era. She came into films at the end of the 60's and she contradicted the trend of the 'hippy' girl which commandeered that era. To me, she represented what a lot of the 80's and late 70's would look like and she rocked it like no other. She had a fondness for nudes, hats and strong women. What's not to admire?

I choose three roles of her which I just love and to be honest, making this post has made me want to have a Faye Dunaway movie marathon.

The most famous one, Bonnie look with loads of hats, pencil skirts, form-fitting sweaters and the fabulous bob.

The Network look, mid-70's. Tons of nudes, blouses and scarves with soft waves in the hair.

And my personal favorite, The Thomas Crown Affair role. Optimal rich-girl look with over the top hats, gloves, classy chignons and mini-skirts and jaw-dropping backless dresses.

What are we thinking? Did Faye inspire you?

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  1. i just love the last outfit with the pink ruffle top. too cute!