Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer Look: Nauticals

There was a period in my life when I was just honestly not into anything nautical. My grandmother, however, always loved the navy and white combination and had loads of purses and shoes with this theme. I'm ashamed that I didn't know better than to treasure these things. Now I look at these nauticals with new eyes. I actually love them! I'm sure everyone is building plans of what to do for the summer even if it's a short 3 day trip somewhere sunny, hot and fun. I always hit my favorite Florida beach for a long weekend in the Summer and one has to pack accordingly.

The good thing is that nauticals are very easy to find this season and all you really need is one piece to pump up an outfit. A little Nautical goes a LONG way.
The Nauticals

How to wear them? How about when by the pool or at the beach? 
Nautical - Poolside Cutie

Or perhaps you're lucky enough to be invited to a sea-side party or a yacht party! (I LOVE THOSE!) 
Nautical Babe

Or perhaps you're heading out for a lovely 3-day cruise somewhere in the Caribbean? Getting ON the boat still requires you to look fabulous. Note on white pants; these should be used SPARINGLY. I dont want any of you to wear them all through the year all over the place just because I said so. I will not be blamed for such atrocities. ;)

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  1. my favorite look has to be the red bikini top with the navy shorts. i'm going on vaca this summer and i am greatly considering this outfit.