Thursday, June 3, 2010

LUSH of the jungle

I'm not going to lie, I've contemplated closing the blog because I dont always have the time to dedicate to it as it deserves but I figured a few people really love the read it and I might as well keep it updated. I can't promise I will update daily but I will try to keep it going :)

Now... I wanted to write about something I've really been feeling lately. LUSH.

Now, I know LUSH it's really either hit or miss with people. Many people LOVE it and live for it, others dont and many others think it's too expensive.

I have to admit that I really enjoy some of their products and some are just really not my thing.

So I wanted to make a collection of things I've tried, give a mini-review in case you're considering where to start with it.

Bath Melt: Happy Blooming

How it works: You use one of the three blocks as an additive to bubble bar or a bath bomb. It's supposed to leave your skin seriously moisterized.

My thoughts: The sad thing in life is that I dont have a bathtub in my apartment. I only have a shower, which is fine because I'm because I'm a shower-girl. But every once in a while I'll ache for a bath so this is where my work travels come in handy. I take my goodies with me and I soak at the Marriott. Works out great for me since I dont have to clean the tub :) I really love this product, it smells amazing, like exotic fruits and normally I'm anti-fruit smells. I like muskier deeper scents or floral tones but this leaves my skin so smooth that I end up loving it.

Shower Jelly: Whoosh

How it works: You split a small piece from the jello and smush it into your loofa, it'll create bubbles and clean you up!

My thoughts: It's a clean lemony-scent which I'm all for in the mornings because the scent wakes me up and if you follow me on twitter you know I constantly complain about being tired in the morning so to shake sleep off this things helps out a lot. My annoyance is the ripping of the jello. I think I should just cut it up in squares in order to make it easier.

Facial Cleanser: Angels on Bare Skin

How it works: You take a piece of this roll and wash your face with it.

My thoughts: I hate this with the passion of a thousand suns. It smells like lamb marinade to me. However... my mother LOVES it. I bought like $10 worth of this to test it and ended up detesting it so I gave it to my mom and she does nothing but rave about it and how much better her skin feels. She loved it so much I got her a huge chunk some weeks ago and it made her very happy. So I think you either love it or hate it.

Facial Cleanser: Herbalism

How it works: You take a piece of this roll and wash your face with it

My thoughts: I have a strange relationship with Herbalism. We're not friends... we're more of acquaintances. You dig? I guess I'm an old fashioned girl who likes her facial soaps to have suds so I have trouble falling in love with this. The scent is... alright, I guess. I have a tub of it that I got in a swap and I will use it but I'm not sure if I will re-purchase it.

Facial Cleanser: Facial Pharmacy

How it works: Like a bar of soap, you make little suds in your wet hands and wash your face with it

My thoughts: Out of all the cleansers I've tried from LUSH this is my favorite... and I still dont think it's perfect because it doesn't remove my makeup. But if it did I would love it. I love the scent, it's not offensive or anything and the concept is much more traditional which I like. I think I would buy again... I think.

Makeup Removers: Baby Face

How it works: I'm still not sure.

My thoughts: I really want to re-name this to "what the fuck face". I was excited to get a bar of soap so what do I do? I run it under water to make suds and get my makeup off. Yeah. Bad idea. It became a pasty, Vaseline-like mess in my hands and eye. It was not pretty. Later I find out I used it all wrong but by then I hated it and it was sent to permanent time-out in the corner of my vanity. I will most likely be swapping it.

Makeup Removers: Ultra Bland

How it works: Like your grandmother's cold cream, you gently work it into your eye and then wipe it off with baby wipes.

My thoughts: I'm pretty sure I've raved about this before. But seriously: BEST STUFF EVER. I'm on my second tub, I love it so much, removes all my makeup, it's a bit complicated but when a girl is wearing 3 coats of Diorshow Mascara in Carbon Black life is already at complicated. We deal with it.

Solid Conditioner: Jungle

How it works: A chunk of this apparently conditions your hair

My thoughts: I came to the conclusion that the reason this is named 'Jungle' is because George of the Jungle used it to condition his dreads. Now, I tried it. Twice. And I had not had anything leave my hair as nappy and dry since the great Dove disaster of 2004. It was not a good thing. The great Dove disaster of 2004 came when I compulsively bought a Dove conditioner (dont ask me which one, I have deemed all Dove products hazardous to my health) and used it and it dried my hair out so badly that I had to soak it in beer to rejuvenate it. This kind of shit can mess up a girl. So I had the similar reaction to this "jungle conditioner". Unless I want to emulate an extra from a Tarzan flick or begin anew a "Boho chic" look I plan to stay as far away from this as possible. Bad little green block. Bad.

Solid Shampoo: Trichomania

How it works: No one knows

My thoughts: I think I'm being too negative. I didn't like it. It didn't work for me. Ewww.

Toner: Tea Tree Water

How it works: It's a toner. How else is it supposed to work?

My thoughts: I love it, I spray a bit in a cotton ball and use it on my face once a day after washing it, it's not drying or harsh and it's a lovely tingly feeling.

Soap: Rock Star

How it works: It's a soap bar.

My thoughts: I like this product. It works excellent. I dont like the smell. Makes me feel like a walking laffy-taffy bar. It's not good. But I like what it does for the skin.
Bubble Bar: The Comforter

How it works: You drop it in the water and it makes soothing bubbles.

My thoughts: This stuff is delightful. I love it. Yes, it smells kinda like cherry but I love playing with it. I have a couple I need to use when I go on my next trip.

As you can see, it's either hit or miss. I love some things, like others and plain old hate some of them. Now, I have plenty more to try. I got the 'naked' pack this week when I went and I want to try more stuff.

The thing about LUSH stores is that they have the nicest people working there. They get all excited about a bar of soap and because they seem to love it so much you think to yourself "OMFG, I NEED THIS ASAP." when you really dont and when you make it home (after hiding the bags from a suspecting significant other) you're like "WOW... I got a $15 bar of soap. Excellent, B." But you can't take it back because I would hate to see their disappointed face taking back the soap. So it becomes a vicious cycle.

Any thoughts on Lush, you guys? Love it, hate it, never tried it?


  1. I notice that lots of LUSH products are not liquid like the usual shampoo or conditioner.. it tugs me curiosity, though. But I don't think LUSH is available in my country. Considering the price, I'm hoping that it stays that way. :D

    Oh and please don't abandon this blog! It's okay if you don't update daily, but well, don't leave us!

  2. I think it's def something that it is addicting, I'm not going to lie ;)

  3. Please, please, please try to keep your blog going. I love it, it's my fav one :)

  4. I have never heard of LUSH before. But that shower jelly seems reaalllllly cool :) and I'm SO SORRY that happened to your hair with Dove and that Jungle bar. My hair is so sensitive, I would be effed if something dried my hair out like that. It would all fall off!

  5. ive never heard of this product but they look pretty cool.

    joining the people that say dont quit the blog i really like it and pretty much the only one i read. try to update, dont know 2 a week or just weekly however works 4 you. thanks. Blasilvi :)