Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that are Pretty....

I will admit it. I am a very girly girl. I dont like sports (I do enjoy both baseball and soccer players), I love Masterpiece Theater, I love makeup, I love pinks and purples and I will be found listening to classical music.

Without further ado, shameless picspam.

Things that are Pretty...

Blush (Coralista by Benefit)

Eyeshadow (The Shady Lady Palette)

Baubles & Red Polish

Taking one's clothes off and dropping them on the floor

A drawer full of blushes

Arriving home to find TONS of swap packages!!

A girl's purse, especially a blush-colored one

Overall girly things and cream shoes

Rings, earrings and pearls!

This was a post-work photo session.

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