Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Pimping: Karla

I'm trying to do these once a month because there's so many awesome bloggers out there that need some recognition. My all time favorite for different, bold attire is hands down, Karla. Karla's Closet is a little obsession me and my best friend Alex have. In preparation for a thrift shop search we pour over Karla's pictures to find inspiration so when we find this quirky floral dress circa 1985, we pause and consider: WWKD? Well, I'll tell you what Karla would do; she would dish out the $3.25 for it, have it tailored and fitted. Then wear it with a pair of posh in season sky-high heels and a blazer to look absolutely fabulous and feminine!

Karla has a distinct 1980's high fashion sense and then she updates with with a new Marc Jacobs bag or a pair of new Mui Mui shoes which is what makes it fresh and exciting. Is it possible to do on a small budget? Yes and yes.

This is how: thrift shopping hardly cuts in the budget, you can get a bunch of pieces for $30. Then you save the rest of your $$ for a pair of high-end shoes to make the looks updated and contemporary. Another thing is that you should start searching for a tailor. Tailoring of antique or old pieces is essential. Very seldom do they fit like a glove. So if you find yourself someone who would tailor your clothes you've got yourself a set up. Another option is, of course, to learn how to sew yourself. It can be a crafty thing to know. Can you imagine finding a pair of vintage Calvin Klein jeans and being able to look at them and say "I can turn these into a great pair of skinny jeans." You can't beat that!

So here are her looks, plus honestly does she have the most awesome legs and haircut or what??

Isn't she fab? Me and Alex love her. Alex's favorite lines go along like this "Oh I love this skirt, Karla was wearing one like it the other day..." lol

Yeah, we're addicted.

What's in Karla's Closet?

Want to try out some stuff? Check it out:

Now... are we inspired for a weekend of thrift shopping?


    i want to copy every one :)

  2. hey Isabelle
    i came about her blog thanks to yours and i also love her. personally i liked her hair with a little lenght to it, before she recut it recently. and without a doubt i go crazy for all her shoes specially her Alaia ankle-strap black pumps, i need to have them so badly :(. i also really like sea of shoes her pics are gorgeous as well.

    later, Blasilvi.

  3. I often say "I can make that myself!" when I look at overpriced canvas bags. Lol. But mine is not really good (...yet), and it takes a lot of work... But like you said, nothing can beat a line like that! :)

    Love her style. Especially love the price tag of her style!

  4. I Love her blog! It is very fun and inspiring!