Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Makeup Review: NYX

Makeup Brand Review time! Over the last 14 months or so I have been steadily collecting NYX makeup. Now, many of you have probably seen NYX in your local ULTA or some drugstores which carry it. Often times, because of the low price we tend to overlook it and think that purchasing department store brand makeup or designer makeup will more better or more pigmented. I am happy to announce that NYX should be a high-end brand. As you can see I have a small collection of their items, I'm still steadily collecting it =D

So I wanted to review some of the items I've tried and see if this might sway your thought on certain products.

The prices listed are for Cherry Culture. I believe the prices vary where you get them.

Eyeshadow Trios $5.50
I have about 5 of these and I have to say that I love them! They are highly pigmented and if you're feeling crafty you can depot these and they fit perfectly into your MAC palettes.There's like over 30 different trios to choose from!

Single Eyeshadows $3.50
There's TONS of different colors and many are really good dupes for MAC colors. I actually prefer their matte Black to MAC's carbon, it's SUPER pigmented and wonderful. You can get like 3 colors for the price of one MAC shadow. You can't beat that!
10 Color Palettes $8.00
I have two of these and I love them, they're perfect for travel all the shadows are very pigmented and there's like 10 different palettes to choose from. They mix in mattes with satins and shimmers so it's not like Urban Decay that all you get is shimmers. Plus, when you calculate the price you're paying per shadow it's like $.80 each!

Jumbo Eye Pencils $3.25
I simply love these! I have 4 of them and I am aching to get more. I use these as a base for the shadows, they're creamy and with a primer that shadow goes no where. If you're going to invest in just one, get the Milk one. The wide base is perfect not only for the eyeshadows but it makes for a great under eye highlighter.
Slim Eye Pencils $2.50
Unfortunately I can't say great things about this liner. I'm not fond of them and I've tried 3 different colors. I find that they're not smooth. they thug at my eye and they're not pigmented. So I'd say put your $2.50 towards something else.

Ultra Pearl Mania $1.50
I have this in a few colors and they're great. They're small little things which you have you use a base with or a primer but using the right base they're very pigmented and fun. They'll great a great metallic look used in the right way.

Jumbo Lip Pencil $3.25
Honestly I was not keen on these. Mostly because they were not good to use as a lip pencil. The line was so big ans they were too creamy. You can use them as a lipstick, that would be a better use.

Round Lip Glosses $2.00
I love these! For $2 I stock up on these because I really really hate sticky lipglosses and these are the perfect consistency. My favorite color is "Kiss", the perfect nude pinky tone that I always carry in my purse.

Round Lipstick $2.25
For a couple of bucks this is the best lipstick in the market. All the ones I've tried have been super pigmented, smooth, creamy and so awesome all around. I have about 7 or 8 of them. My favorite color is B52 but I also LOVE Chloe. Some of these are MAC dupes so you can't beat the price, the quality of them!

Mega Shine Lipgloss $3.75
How much do I adore these? First of all, to me they smell amazing! They are pigmented, not sticky and they stay on! I'm starting to collect these, I only have 3 but I LOVE the three that I have!

Eyeliner Brush $5.00
This is the only brush of them that I have tried and I am mightily impressed. I usually use my Smashbox one (which I believe to be the holy grail of cream liner brushes) and when I got this one I didn't expect much. I was very much proven wrong, I love this one as much as my Smashbox one and this is the one that travels with me!

So that's it! That is my review! I have been working on this post for a few days but bad days at work always got in the way of posting! I hope this helps you out if you're looking for some products.


  1. I totally agree that Nyx' eyeshadows can be Mac's dupe. I'm absolutely in love with this brand! It has high quality and low prices. Can't beat that.

    Oh and... I tried the slim eye liner and it works out great for me. I have the blue and green one (forgot the exact name) and they smudge only a tiiinyyy bit after worn all day - but pencil eye liners tend to smudge anyway. Nyx' eyeliner smudging is still tolerant - unlike TBS' which is totally gone after a whole day, lol.

    Can't wait to try Nyx' navy blue mascara. x) And thanks for reviewing this brand!

  2. Thanks for doing this. I am just getting into make-up and wanted to attempt to wear eyeshadow. I wanted to try this brand, however EVERYONE tells me to use MAC. You gave me the courage to try NYX eyeshadow.

    I blog about the revamp of my style at:
    I follow you so you are more than welcome to follow me. LOL
    Happy Blogging.