Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green with Nail Envy

Last night, after a long and never ending day at work, I just HAD to do my nails. My polish was beginning to look a hot mess and we can't have that. So what else to pull out when I dont feel like doing anything other than reading Vogue under the bed covers? I had to jump to my Insta-Dri. I talked about it in this post but I figure I'd show you my swatch because it's the perfect collection for the girl on the go since these polishes dry in - no lie - less than a minute. Actually by the time you finish on hand and move to the other the hand is nearly dry, it's very strange. Makes me wonder what exactly I'm doing to my nails.

Nevertheless, here is the swatch for Jumpin' Jade, a perfect fall color, IMO. I trimmed down my nails because, to me, dark polish looks better on cropped nails, makes it elegant.

Not bad for a mani that took five minutes, eh? The problem with these is that they stain and a lot. So just be prepared to spend a minute or ten removing the polish and a few dozen cotton balls  (yes, that was a statement for those of you who *peel* it off).

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