Thursday, October 1, 2009

shut up, Ethel!!

Why does she do this to me? You know now I want a purple bag. You should want a purple bag. We should ALL have a purple bag! It'll be anarchy! This bag KICKS ASS. Ugh. Must. Have.

So what did I spend my hours at work doing? You got it, searching for a purple bag. Or a few of them. Click on them to make them bigger <3

1. Micro-Suede and Croc Leather Shoulder Bag by Brics $190
2. Convertible Flap Bag by The Sak $139.30
3. Abbey Road by Lucky Brand $178
4. Hailey Crossbody by Coach $298
5. Sydney Large Hobo by Botkier $529
6. Mini Shoulder Flap by Poppy Jones $24.95


  1. love the purple bags, my fave is the convertible flap one

  2. it looks awesome, like you could wear it every day

  3. I love purple! Purple is so pretty when not overworn. My fav bag from your choice is the first one... and the third one.... and I really want to have this color! What you say is so true! XD

  4. Purple handbags - you read my mind!!! We should all be so lucky to own one this season. Have mine already picked out at Red Direct (UK shopping catalogue, part of Red magazine - google it now!); it's shiny and bucket-shaped and gorgeous and perfect for shopping on the weekend at Covent Garden!

    By the way, how the hell is Leighton not falling over in those skyscraper boots?!

  5. Oh they're quite comfy! I have a pair *looks around innocently*

    Us short girls need the boost, you know. Granted speaking as someone who has broken her foot twice perhaps I'm not in the best position to comment.