Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suede Royal

It seems like Purple Suede is the way to go and let me tell you that no one is more willing to embrace it than me. I love suede and I love purple so having accents like Leighton's bag pop up made me super deliriously happy. And now Kaley Cuoco steps out in these stunning Brian Atwood pumps and I'm just like ready to replace my entire closet in purple suede.

I happen to be absolutely in love with them. Atwood runs pretty pricey especially for someone that works in education (I know, I need a new profession) these are at least $500-something. Just wondering, what do you think of them?

And because I couldn't let this drop I hunted some cheaper alternatives for purple suede pumps.

Me Too, $99, Bottega Veneta $276 (on sale!), Spiegel $59, Michael Antonio $50, Wet Seal $15, BCBG $89, Franco Sarto $89 & Jessica Simpson $75


  1. I absolutely love Kaley's heels. So perfect!

  2. those Atwood heels are AMAZING! i want to buy them now...even if i can't afford them!

  3. i am in love with the first heels! amnd love love the colour xxxxx

  4. I know I'm really tempting to get one of the pairs because I'm lacking purple suede =/

  5. Mayb not exactly my favorite color, but it is funny from ur list my choice is the cheapest ones! lol) Not sure not comfortable they r but the model and the heels r definitely the best for me))))