Monday, December 28, 2009

Editorial Lust: Bring on the Noir

As promised, more from my lovely Vogue Italia find. I have been MIA this week, I agree, mostly because the Holidays were enough to keep me VERY busy. I hope everyone's Holidays were fabulous, I have some good plans for the blog this week :)

How absolutely FABULOUS is this editorial? I mean... I have no words, one of my favorite editorials to date.

Want to dress like it?

To get these mod curls, blow dry your hair. Then divide hair into like 6 partitions and twist into tiny buns, secure with some hair rubber bands:

and leave in buns for at least 30-45min. Let loose and you should have bouncing curls with no need to fry hair with the curling iron. Runs your fingers lightly through the curls and add some serum is frizzy. You can pin to the side with some bobby pins to finish the look.

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