Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drum Roll! My First Batch of Frankenpolishes!!!

I've spent all week working on these. I have some serious duds in my hands. But I got some really nice ones out of the process and some that I can name in my top 10 all time favorite polishes, which for me that's saying A LOT. :)

What I decided to do with these that I took as the finalists is I'm making a goodie basket for my friend Andy who just moved and she's feeling homesick and such. She's a bigger polish whore than I am, she loves dark tones and she also loved the Jade-like colors this Fall. So I went to TBKTrading, ordered some empty bottles and once those arrive I will transfer the color to them and send them packing! She's going to be SO excited!

First up, the Jade-wannabe. It was not my intention but it was so lovely I couldn't mess with it. I think she's going to LOVE it! (click on pics for larger image)

For Good Luck

I'm comparing it here to OPI's Hey Get In Lime! It's darker than that one and it's got glimmer in it like Chanel's Jade. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Babysitting Blues

My favorite part of this is naming them and the dark blue is going to be one of her faves, it's going to look awesome against her light complexion.

You're Blocking My Sun!

I absolutely hate this one. Seriously, I dont like the orange, this was not what I intended to do but alas it's what came. I dont think I'll send her this one because she, like me, doesn't do orange.

Ugly Ducking

This is the runt of the family, I hated this color, it wasn't doing what I wanted for it to do so I set it aside and went to eat. Then I decided to paint my nails with it and see what happened? I loved it! So because I first hated it and then I thought it was lovely I named it so.

Gold for Sister Sarah
I mean... I love this color SO much I am still convincing myself she doesn't need it. I could use it... for the rest of my life. BUT I know she will love it even more because this is her color mecca. I dont even remember how I got it like this all I know is that it's beautiful and I named it after one of my favorite westerns. I think it was part clear, park black and some of the new copperishsilver pigments I just got. Shake, shake, shake and BAM. Perfection in a bottle. Just look at all the sparkles! *dies*

Here are some of the ones that didn't make the cut... so I'll have to keep for myself *innocent*

 Dirty Boy

So Not Jersey Shore

Gray Goose

Oh So Popular!

Very Blueberry (look JUST like Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not)

Dead Grape (it's more purple than 'Ugly Duckling' above and it also gave me a lot of trouble)
I did another one which looked just like the new Chanel's sold out Particulière but Ligi stole it from me at work. I named it "I Love My Fake Chanel". And its in Ligi's house right now so I couldn't swatch it, but I remember the formula.

I took Essie's Mink Muffs which is darker than Chanel's. I added some basic white polish (same I use for the french), added it slowly until it lightened up just right. Then added a slight bit of clear shimmery mineral pigment and voila! A fake Chanel.

Once I rescue it from Ligi's hands I will post some swatches.


  1. Ooh I actually like how the orange looks in the photo! But i think I know why you don't like it, is it the texture? Anyway really loving that grey goose colour too!

  2. I comes out more golden in the photo, it's really more peachy-colored and I'm more olive toned than the photo reflects so I dont like it. However, mom discovered it and now she claims it's hers. She's much fairer than I am so that works out just fine :)

  3. love the mint green


  4. 'Ugly Duckling' is awesome... And I kind of like the orange...

    Great post, loved reading it.

  5. Well, I'm glad you like it, it actually looks really good on Mom's skin, she rocked it.

    I love the mint green too, I'm thinking of duplicating it and making one for myself.

  6. I love the mint green! I've been looking for a color like that forever, but always ended up with a blue. well, I guess I'm a sucker for anything that is blue in color.