Monday, February 1, 2010

Site Review: Shoe Dazzle

I'm naturally hesitant to dropping $40 on shoes I have not tried on. I actually dont do it, at all. I do buy online but that's after hitting the actual store and trying the shoe on and then checking to see if I can get it cheaper online (a girl's got to pay the rent).

My friend introduced me to Shoedazzle last year and I joined but never bought a shoe so I was never charged the $40. I thought that the shoes were mediocre and I didn't fall in love with any one pair enough to jump up and buy it.

Shoedazzle, if I state this correctly, is Kim Kardashian's company that allows you to buy a shoe a month, these shoes are specifically selected for you based on your likes. No offense to those who adore Kimmy and her antics but the fact alone that she heads it makes me question the entire endeavor. Not because I dont think she's capable as a human being but because I have every right to question her tastes. But that is besides the point. After filling out the small questionnaire and receiving the 'selection' of shoes chosen by a group of stylist that were magically working to find a selection of shoes I would be torn over purchasing for days before settling for a choice I was left a bit deflated. Showdazzle felt like this year's Eharmony. In which I spent 3 hours of my good Sunday night last year answering endless questions about myself and what I looked for in a partner only to discover that apparently honest answers is not what eharmony likes as it stated quite plainly that not even them could find me a match. At that point I quite gave up on my love-life; if a highly advanced love-search-engine couldn't find me a man there was obviously no hope for me. Now, Showdazzle sent me an email with the five shoes they thought I would enjoy.

I felt once more, quite let down. I had a little list of undesirables... shoes that I wouldn't glance twice at in a store; despite asking it to 'recalculate' I was still not impressed. So I decided Shoe Dazzle just didn't dazzle me as much as Edward seems to dazzle prepubescent girls and I went on with my life.

Then, said friend who also introduced me to the site, cornered me in my office and closed the door (a tell-tale sign to my assistant that we cannot be bothered as non-work talk is about to go on). In her hands she held a happy pink bag, she shoved it at me and stated she had a present for me.

Across the bag were the words 'Showdazzle'. I was intrigued and for once understood the effect Edward has on girls. I NEEDED the bag. Plus, I would be able to inspect the products one-on-one and make a more education decision as to the relationship between Showdazzle and myself (at least this is what I told her while on the inside I was dancing with joy).

Behold the shoes:

They are pink faux-suede. They are, what my bf (f-u-eharmony) calls 'Barbie Shoes' - as I've posted before he tends to give sarcastic names for particular shoes that he manages to notice. Out of all the shoes she could bring me, she got me the Barbie shoes.

They're not particularly innovative, earth-shattering or comfortable for that matter. Yet... I mean, my blog name says it all. They were shoes! And I LOVE shoes. So I decided to give them a try, take them for a ride. Wore them to eat Sushi with the girls who promptly noticed them and cooed all over them. It was a pleasing reaction that one hopes to have from a pink pair of shoes and to be honest I dont own a pair of Barbie shoes. So I decided to keep them, they were a gift after all and who am I to refuse such a generous gift. Doesn't matter that when I wear them I have to take a back-up pair wherever I go and that as I walk and wince my little toe is on the verge of developing gangrene. I doesn't matter! They are pink and pretty and girly and I'll damn well wear them!

Ms. Kardashian, you win, I might reconsider your heels.


  1. Totally love them !! Barbie shoes, you win !

  2. the shoes are so lovely! but in my personal opinion, i won't buy it, you make it sound so uncomfortable. but if it's a gift, i'm not refusing, lol. lucky you!

  3. They are uncomfortable but it might just be me, you know how different shoes fit different people. But you're right, it was a gift and I'm strutting them.

  4. The quality of shoes that shoe dazzle sends me are always terribly uncomfortable. But I guess you can't always win for like $30 bucks a month.

  5. You're absolutely right, you get what you pay for.

  6. I should try some bright colored heels to spice up outfits.

  7. Am seriously in love with these. Such a flattering colour and shape. Swooooon! Loving the blog, will def be back by the way.
    TBAG xx

  8. I have a pair like that, in brown, I love them!!

    It's Isa! ;)