Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spice Up Your Life!

I know many of you who are living in an endless tunnel of gray dreary days and long for the warmth of Spring and the joy of Summer to come and come fast. This sadness might lead you to a life of wearing nothing but blacks, grays and dark blues. Well I'm here to inspire you today to kick it up by just adding a PUNCH of color to your wardrobe. I'm NOT saying add on all these colors at once, you'll just end up being confused by a Lisa Frank school binder, but more of if you're wearing all gray one day throw on a pair of bright purple heels to kick it up a notch.

The reds... the reds, to me, look fantastic with almost anything. Red is that color that paired with blacks, grays, whites, blues, nudes ALL favor it. One should always have a bright red piece to jump up and make an outfit.
Punch it Up - Red

The greens, reminds me of Spring. Greens look awesome with blacks, grays and nudes. Remember to chose the right green for your skin tone, we dont all look great in all tonalities.

Punch it Up - Green
Punch it Up - Green by isabellecs featuring Dorothy Perkins 

I love the yellows when worn right, they're just so happy and feminine and perky. I love wearing my yellows with also nudes, blacks and grays.This is also another color that not all shades of it look good on everyone. Stay away from the mustard-y yellow if you're olive skinned, it looks bad on us.
Punch it Up - Yellow

Oh pink! I LOVE pink especially like a pink belt in an all-gray outfit, it's stellar. Pink can go either very girly or very punk, depending on your style.
Punch it Up - Pink
Punch it Up - Pink by isabellecs featuring Jessica Simpson jewelry

Oh purple! I know purple has been lately all the rage so it's easy to find it around and enjoy it, just dont dress like a purple people eater in purple dress, coat, shoes etc you'll take away from the royal feel of it and overwhelm people. Calm down with is, add it as a blouse, a skirt etc. Purple looks fantastic with grays, it's my favorite combination, it's very classy.
Punch it Up - Purple

That's it! I hope it inspired you to add some color to your life.
Note: I really tried to do orange but you all know how I feel about orange so I got half-way through my collage before I snapped and said "f-this I HATE orange!". :)


  1. This is like candy for the eyes! And I agree about orange.

  2. LOVE colour (personally I sport a bright blue winter coat; hate all the grey and black ones.) My personal colour-matching philosophy has often been that as long as the brightness/coldness/warmness of the colours is equal, they will more or less work together. Thus, hot pink and turquoise, but not warm red and turquoise... (I find mid-dark purple tights to be awesome with my coat ;)

    But, I hate orange too. Have to admit.

  3. ever since i got a comfy heels in bright red, i adore that color! i never thought red could pair up with so many shades. i personally don't like green for clothing, but the collection here made me 'ooh!' and 'aah!'.. lol. hey, orange is kind of nice, if worn right and if it's the right shade... :)

  4. I think you're right, it depends on the orange. My mother, who is much paler than I looks good in burnt orange, she looks great in autumn colors.

  5. I love color coordination so, so much. This post made me happy.