Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trend: The Return of the Clog

Trends come and go like seasons, what was out the last decade will be back this decade, what you hated years ago you will love tomorrow, etc. Fashion itself is a living, breathing organism that evolves and changes before our eyes. One wonders about many trends that come back and how we start out violently hating them when we see them and then slowly start liking them. Like at times can grow to LOVE.

This has happened to me many times. When platform shoes started replacing pointy-heels I was in a serious rage. I had a closet filled with pointy shoes that looked sleek and sexy and I refused to go back to the days of platforms which I had in High School.

Fast forward a few years later my closet is dominated with platform shoes. I'm not sure how it happened but the story of someone stealing my credit card, buying all these shoes and then returning both the shoes AND the credit card has failed to convince a good many people hence I've had to take full responsibility for it. And now the time has come again to face an old foe.

The clog.

My memories of clogs extend to my mother wearing them in photos with large floppy hats in her hippie days. I had my own rendezvous with hippie-ness in 2000 when I wore more flowy skirts than recommended by the American surgeon general but I happily grew out of that phase and began bathing sometime in '01. Now a decade later I can say the words I never thought I'd say again: 'Here comes the clogs'.

We can mainly blame Chanel who featured them prominently in their Fall collection this past year. So a few months and many illegal uses of sweatshops later we have more clogs than I can handle at one given time.

My opinion on this new beast is still on the fence. On one hand I can see some refinement coming to these basic shapes that I am grateful for. On the other hand, like all elusive trends, it can get out of hand. More flowy-unbathed individuals can come from this, people, we need to be made aware!

So I ask and tell; what do you think of this baby? Are you passing? Are you being swayed? Were you in clog-camp from the moment you saw them in the Fall? But even more importantly; if you liked it, how would you wear it?

If I were to wear them, which is still an IF... I would wear them paired with this season's neautrals which fit the line of thinking of the clog. Yet I wouldn't forget a structured purse with it because I need some structure in this and of course a girly dress.

So how about it, what does thou think?


  1. I like the more sandalesque clogs, but the closed-toe, open-back ones remind me of old ladies with fat feet. Is that just me...?

    Also, cute outfit you put together there... is the dress from modcloth? It looks familiar.

  2. Yes! I love mod-cloth, it's like heaven in a site.

    And I agree, I'm tending to like more the sandal style ones too, and I know totally what you're talking about

  3. Like Anna-Lisa said before, the closed-toe, open-back kind of clogs are terrible, I don't even know how Chanel came to the idea to re-design them. I'd just collect and burn them...The wooden platform sandals are still OK.

    However, if Chanel has it on their runway, ppl think it's trendy, and those who can afford it, wear it. Like Alexa Chung. The problem is, that she has become a style icon, which means what she does, is world-wide accepted.
    I guess you see my point by now...

  4. I completely see your point and I agree ;) You feel about clogs the way I feel about animal print.

  5. clogs look comfy. i'm planning on buying the closed-toe-open-back one since i think it's kind of cute... i especially like the grey one right in the middle of your pic there. i can imagine myself walking in those with jeans that reach half my shin and casual tees. lol. but not the open-toe-open back one, though, for some reason i just don't like it. :D