Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trend: The Great Silver Rush

I've been feeling it, I'm not going to hide it. Silver has just been calling to me. So it got me thinking... can one really feel the silver without going to the extreme rebellious-girl rocker? Ripped tights & spikey-jewelery is just really not me. The answer is yes!

With silver/light grays becoming more and more the staple we're having much more variety coming our way. The trick is, like everything, not to overdo it. You're not attempting to look like the tin man. This is fashion not theater. Pick a piece or two and then put your outfit together. As you'll see below my personal favorite combination with silver/grays is lilac. I just LOVE it together.

Like I said, there's TONS of silver pieces now available. A cheap way to update your wardrobe to embrace the silver is silver nail polish, some cheap yet classy silver jewelry or some silver ribbon. You can use it to wrap your old headbands with a new trendy color.

What are you thinking? Are you also feeling the silver?


  1. Sooooo pretty! I love the silver and lilac together. Sadly, I have very little of either color. I've always wondered about silver tights. Are they too crazy or could you actually wear them with the right outfit?

  2. I have a pair of gray that works fabulous with anything and goes great with silver accents. If you're able to find gray then it's a great substitute :)

  3. i'm a little surprised that silver is a color trend. i've always thought it's one of the basic colors like black-brown-cream, etc... anyway, silver is great, as long as it doesn't shine too much like a tinfoil paper. i love the silver nail polish from the 2nd pic, i've been looking for that color since forever! and the ballet flats are so pretty. XD

  4. Orly is releasing a foil collection within a month so if you check Sally's or All Lacquered up they can probably give you more info, it's not that it's been 'out' but it's getting a lot more attention, just like 'animal print' got a lot more attention this past fall.