Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trend: Ribbons & Pearls

I think it's not a surprise if you've visited my humble blog for some time that I love anything that is girly and delicate. I love bows, flowers etc. Having been inspired by both the popular trends lately of necklaces made out of ribbons and pearls AND Trang's post and her absolute fabulous ability to make anything out of nothing I went ahead and ventured this weekend. While the boy was at his boy's house watching the game today I set to work like a busy worker bee in attempting to make a necklace with my hands. You have to understand, when it comes to crafts I have no ability whatsoever. I just suck at them but every once in a while I'll want to pick up glue, a needle or something and make something pretty. My attempt... I think was not bad. You judge.

I got some pretty ribbons & pearls in Michael's while I was picking up some brushes for my pigments and after browsing the net for some inspiration and attempting to follow Trang's instructions I made two necklaces. I personally didn't like the black one, I think I'm going to un-do it and start over but I LOVED the silver one. It's soft and pretty and looks the most 'finished'. I think I will wear it tomorrow with a black dress and gray shoes. Yay!

If you're not crafty and just want me to show you the way to pretty ribbons & pearls necklaces here you go:
Ribons & Pearls

They're available nearly everywhere now but I just thought it was nice to make my own. :)

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